Economic Development in Fredonia Wisconsin – Vote Rudy McCormick

Happy Sunday my Fredonia friends.

You know one of the reasons I chose Fredonia Wisconsin as a place to call home is that it’s a village. Small in size, conservative in nature, and very safe. Fredonia has something that we can all be happy about and that is location. Fredonia is only 35 minutes from downtown Milwaukee and 42ish minutes to the airport. You can get to a Brewer game or Packer game in under 2 hours. The proximity provides for value to the village because it’s naturally going to grow over time.

One of the things we are charged with in the Economic Development committee is the creation of a marketing plan for the village. The challenge is that business owners may not feel that moving their operation to the country will grow their business, so they have to be convinced they can grow here.  Adding locations to business means extra cost, we need to think about ways we can help defray the costs associated with growing a location here. We have to also convince entrepreneurs that Fredonia is a perfect place for their start-up.

Once a marketing plan can be developed we need to figure out how to place that asset in the hands of the right people. Who is going to do that? My real estate experience working with developers can help build a database of good employers to solicit information to about Fredonia. Fredonia is a good size for many types of commercial business, let’s find the ones we want and get them here.

Once business finds interest in Fredonia it is incumbent upon the Board of Directors/Trustees have the experience to not only encourage growth here in Fredonia but also be able to protect the taxpayers. You might ask what would I need protection from? The answer is lots of things, in a past scenario we blocked a tobacco store from violating one of their own administrative rules. They wanted to build a cigarette rolling and smoking club right next door to the retail sales store. This is against the law. This is an example of one specific scenario. Another was a multi-use commercial building where trucks were being left to idle all night in a residential area. This took a lot of work and the board of appeals to fix and a little more upfront planning would have solved the issue before it happened.

I believe that the current Economic Development Committee in Fredonia can and will be able to attract and retain new development that is good for the village.

I am currently on the Economic Development Committee and I want your vote on April 3rd, 2018 for Village Trustee.


Rudy McCormick