Tell me what you think

I have to admit, there are many things I don’t understand in this world. We live an a constitutional republic which people often mistake for democracy. As human beings we tend to want what is good for us and our families and the things we care about. And sometimes folks do this at the expense of others. I have received some feedback from many who thank me for the work I am doing and my knowledge. What many people don’t realize is that service has a cost. I spend many hours considering the things that come across committees. I am required to see things not for myself but through the eyes of all of you. This requires more than one perspective and I hope that as we move forward through time together that we can have good conversations about your ideas and visions. I can remember a time when I was serving on the plan commission in my hometown. A fellow commissioner made a comment about the reason we are elected which I thought was very self centered and arrogant. He said that the people elect officials to make decisions for them, and they should represent their own ideas and not seek input from the people. My initial reaction was that this person was pretty sure of himself, possibly narcissistic. I came to the conclusion that this person couldn’t be more wrong.

I feel that it’s our responsibility to use common sense to approach issues, and find new ways to improve the community. For me, that requires input, and yes maybe ideas I might not agree with. I have little use for the same opinion in others that I already have. I want the hard conversations which don’t seem to have much common ground. This is where people solve real world problems. If we as a community want to truly make it better for everyone we have to be able to consider all the possible angles. You are entitled to any opinion you want, I chose to serve the people as a greater body. I want you to tell me what you think, tell me why you feel the way you do. I promise you that I will listen to you and hear you to understand. I will bring up your feedback in committees. I will give you a voice, all of you. That’s my pledge to you.

I want to serve you and there is a good chance you’ll see my name on another ballot when you vote. My job is to make Fredonia better and I sincerely hope that I can count on your help to do it.

God Bless,