Money Matters: Financing Your Dental Practice

Image of dental office doing billing


Funding the dental practice of your dreams requires careful financial planning. Money matters are complicated and understanding all the options can be overwhelming. Knowing how to best use the resources available is essential to ensure success, and this article will explore two useful tools to maximize your chances of success – investing in your practice and harnessing credit.

Hedge Your Bets: Investing in Your Dental Practice

As with starting any business, getting a dental practice off the ground requires a secure financial footing. Investing is a great way to ensure your business’s financial future. Here are some tips for investing:

1. Research Investment Options

Investing can seem daunting, but there are a variety of options that cater to different levels of risk and reward. Researching your options can help you select those that best fit the resources and goals of your practice.

2. Consider Professional Advice

Speaking to an experienced broker or financial advisor can provide you with invaluable assistance in making sound investment decisions.

3. Monitor Your Portfolio Regularly

Creating a successful financial portfolio requires vigilance. Don’t let yourself become complacent – keep an eye on your investments so you can adjust in case of any unexpected changes.

Fueling Your Practice: Harnessing Credit to Secure Success

Taking advantage of credit is a great way to ensure the continuous growth of your practice. Here are some tips for obtaining and using credit:

1. Build a Credit History

Before you can seek out more substantial loans, you need to have a credit history that lenders can use to assess your eligibility. Ensure that you make timely payments and leverage pre-existing credit lines to start building up a favorable record.

2. Focus on Short-Term Goals

Credit should generally be used to fund short-term objectives. These will usually include covering supplies, equipment, and team members’ salaries until your practice is standing on its own two feet.

3. Balance Between Fixed and Floating-Rate Loans

Depending on how the lending market is shifting, both fixed and floating-rate loans might offer valuable benefits. Work out a strategy to balance between both types to ensure you get the most out of each without taking on too much debt.


Expertly managing money is essential to setting up and maintaining a successful dental practice. Investing and using credit wisely are both important components to achieving financial stability. Take the time to understand your options and carefully consider the best strategies for the goals of your practice. With dedication and discipline, you can trust that your financial plans will bear fruit.

Rudy McCormick is a referral business partner for National Business Capital and provides links and application information to the dental industry.