2023 Proposed Tax Increase in the Village of Fredonia

This notice is currently displayed on the village website:
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a public hearing on the proposed 2023 budgets for the Village of Fredonia General Fund, Capital Projects, Debt Service, Fire Department, TID No. 3, Water and Sewer Utilities, will be held at the Fredonia Government Center Board Room, 242 Fredonia Avenue, Fredonia, Wisconsin on Thursday, November 17, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. The budgets in detail are now available for public inspection at the Fredonia Village Hall, 242 Fredonia Avenue, Fredonia, Wisconsin during regular business hours.
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NOW, if you’re not exactly sure what is arguable with this increase, well it’s primarily through the fire department and EMS services. I understand the increase is to be more competitive with department salary and cost of living increases. LETS BE CLEAR, we all have had to deal with rising costs, all of us. Now lets also be clear that the village can obtain a grant for 3 years from the state for adding a position, however, after the 3 year period we’ll be on the hook yet again for that person’s salary and expenses.

This current regime if you will, has spent money at a rate higher than any other. When does it end? You voted them in, now do the opposite if that is what is needed. The village needs your support and push back on this or the village board will not stop here. There have been failed development opportunities and spending galore, all of which are at a taxpayer cost. NO MORE! Since I’ve lived in the village taxes have gone up nearly $800 on my home. Does that seem like a lot? It is, that’s 30%, another 23% and I fear people will start selling their homes and leaving.

The link in the notice shows the proposed budget. Which is an increase of 23%, which means your taxes will increase 23%. Don’t want that?
Fill out the form below and I will present the responses as a petition against the increase on NOV 17th. If there are no signers I will only go on behalf of myself. ** UPDATE** The village has voted to charge the maximum amount of taxes possible.

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