Tough Issues: Fences and Fence Etiquette

So you want to build a fence eh? You may consider a few things before embarking on your fence building journey, just to make sure you are not violating the village ordinance or even worse…your neighbors.

So what’s a responsible homeowner to do? Well you should be reasonably familiar with the ordinance as it pertains to your fence idea. Most homeowners do not research the guidelines prior to building their fence and this is why fence enforcement is so difficult for municipalities. Most municipalities enforce loosely if at all.

A couple of pointers so that you are putting your best foot forward:

  1. Research and respect the guidelines and ordinances
  2. Discuss your plans with your neighbors so they are not surprised by your actions
  3. Follow the rules
  4. Put the best fence forward, make sure you are building something that isn’t offensive
  5. Consider hedge rows instead of building as these may be less offensive and not require a permit
  6. Do not block views of streets or scenery which may be important to neighbors or public safety

If you decide to complain about a fence issue, then make sure that you have done the research, know how the fence is against the ordinance and make sure that you spell it out very specifically. Likewise if your neighbor complains about your fence make sure you understand the problem and do what you can to resolve it.

The village of Fredonia has received and is currently dealing with a few fence issues and will do what it can to assist residents in any fencing issue, unfortunately, the village is not equipped to enforce every single fence or review every single fence before it goes up. The village board is going to continue to review and revise it’s fencing ordinance to best handle fencing in the village.